Moringa Introductory Gift Set

moringa intro set
moringa intro set

Moringa Introductory Gift Set


This seven piece gift set includes:

  • Moringa Leaf Powder – 2 oz.
  • Moringa Oil – 1 oz.
  • Moringa Herb Blend – 2 oz.
  • Moringa Lip Balm – .5 oz.
  • Moringa Rose Cream -1.5oz
  • Moringa Informational flier
  • Woven Gift Bag made of biodegradable sinalay fiber
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New introductory gift set! Now with more Seed Oil and Rose Cream! It will get you hooked on Moringa for life. The variety of the products that can be made with Moringa will begin to amaze you. You will have a great respect for this incredible plant and all it has to offer us.  Its great for anyone who is curious about Moringa and wants to try a variety of products.  The Moringa Shaker is only 2 oz but lasts a long time.  It introduces you to the amazing benefits of Moringa.  The Moringa Herb Blend is another way to try Moringa Leaf Powder that has the flavor of other herbs and spices.  You can also add your own favorite blends to your Moringa Shaker to customize it.  This is important if you have fussy eaters whose daily nutrition needs a boost.  The Moringa Seed Oil is a perfect travel size so you always have it in case of any cuts, burns or scrapes.   Or keep it in your First Aid Kit. It’s also an on the go moisturizer.  The Moringa Rose Cream is also travel size and gives you all day moisturizing.  Everyone in our family uses it day and night so we have made a 4 oz size too. The Moringa Lip Balm is so yummy, you will want to reorder many to keep everywhere so you can get to it throughout your day.  Both the Lip Balm and the Rose Cream can be used for children and babies.  Great for diaper rash.  You will be so happy with this unique set, it will be on your gift list to share with your family and friends.