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Moringa Trees-Local Pick Up Only
Moringa Trees-Local Pick Up Only

Moringa Trees-Local Pick Up Only

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We are doing local pick up primarily, and shipping for the Yearlings only.  If you would like to purchase a Yearling for shipping, please go to our 'Yearling Root Stock' product page.

Be sure to click on the Size menu to see the options and prices. 

For pick up you will need to make your purchase in advance, and pick up will be Saturdays beginning August 6th, while supplies last. 


Pick Up Location:

2210 East Vista Way Ste 12

Vista CA, 92084

(760) 806-2669

Saturdays 10-5pm 


Trees will not be available for purchase on site, as we will only be bringing enough to fulfill the pre-orders.  

If you purchase a 4 year old tree, we will contact you to arrange a pick up time from one of our private farm locations also located in Vista.  We'd like to avoid lugging these ones around! 

Please note, for everything other then the Seedlings, you are purchasing the mature root stock.  We cut our trees down every year and most of them have not had substantial growth yet in this mild Summer so far.

*Product Notes

Seedlings - One gallon pots

Yearlings - 2x9" pots

Potted Cuttings - 6x24" pots, cut last season, rooted.

Loose Cuttings - approx. 2-3" diameter.  Cut this season.

4 Year Trees - 5 gallon pots