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Moringa Growers & Educators Certification Program - Moringa for Life
Moringa Ambassador Certification Course
Moringa Growers & Educators Certification Program - Moringa for Life
Moringa Growers & Educators Certification Program - Moringa for Life
Moringa Ambassador Certification Course
Moringa Ambassador Certification Course
Moringa Ambassador Certification Course

Moringa Ambassador Certification Course

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Registration is now closed for our May session.  Please email us to join the waitlist for our next session TBA.


Our Ambassadors are from every walk of life and every community around the world.  They seek out opportunities to raise awareness and access to Moringa Education so individuals, families, communities, cities, and countries can improve their own levels of nutrition, health, and vitality, as well as food sovereignty, security, and serenity. This course covers everything you need to know to represent Moringa in the world to those seeking health and nutritional benefits from this powerful plant.

Over the last 22 years, Mariko has worked out the challenges of growing Moringa, to produce premium grade Moringa. This Moringa Protocol is necessary around the world to ensure that all producers of Moringa understand the specific requirements at all stages of farm production that need to be implemented for the outcome of high grade, pathogen and mold free Moringa. Of utmost importance is the work to create the soil quality. As Mariko has said hundreds of times, “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the plant”.  This is one of the most important points in growing any food plant.  Each plant has the uptake from the soil that it is capable of.  However, if the specific nutrients are not found in the soil, there is no uptake and subsequently, that nutrient is not in the end food product. Soil alone does not create a whole Ecosystem.  Understanding and creating the bigger picture is also essential. 

Permaculture – Permanent agriculture, is also a part of the essential whole. We are  supporters of Restorative farming.  We must repair and restore our rivers, prairies, wetlands, forests, and planet Earth to the pristine condition that is the birthright of every living thing here. Moringa is one plant that offers healing in so many of these areas.  It has the potential to repair and restore much of what has been damaged in our soil, water and living beings of all types.  I want to draw those together who are interested in this mission and create, through our common creative work, to make of this world a garden as it once was. The condition of the world at large demonstrates the need to identify those who are serious and devoted to the shift toward restoring and healing our world. 

Moringa is the solution for so many of our challenges: health of ourselves, families, communities, countries and world.  

To receive this certificate: Complete the Moringa Ambassador For Life On-line Course Demonstrate your commitment to this worldwide movement by selecting an area of interest to promote Moringa. Once you have completed a Moringa Outreach Action in your community, this Certificate is awarded.

This course is a prerequisite for all other Moringa For Life Certifications: Moringa For Life Certified Grower, Moringa For Life Certified Peace Worker, Moringa For Life Certified Educator, and Moringa For Life Certified Trainer. 

Our Offer

Direct Mentorship with Mariko, Study of our Methods, Discover your Moringa Vision, Be Empowered with the tools and resources.

Our goal is to fully train those who wish to realize their Moringa Vision

To expedite that, Mariko will dedicate 2 hour one-on-one sessions so you can actualize your goals and exponentially move this work into the world.



Upon successful completion of this course, students will have introductory understanding in the following areas:

Moringa nutritional qualities and uses. 

Moringa plant morphology.

Basic principles of permaculture design.

Soil biology as it applies to Moringa production.

Moringa cultivation and processing.

Confidence in representing Moringa, to their family and local community. 

They will understand the labeling and language limitations according to their countries’ Food and Drug Regulatory Agency disclaimer and regulations.

Co-Creating with Moringa.



      Students will go through the weeks’ subject presentations and answer questions in the worksheet.  

      Check into the student forum to participate in the creation of the World Wide Moringa Movement Community.

      Check into the Technical Support Forum for any assistance needed to navigate the course. 

      They will do the daily Moringa Introspection Process 5 minutes,  and keep a journal of notes for any observations or information resulting from the Moringa Introspection

      Weekly Check-In Live with Mariko on the progress of the weeks’ work.

      Students will report on: their daily journal, worksheets  and field any questions not covered in the forum, the status of their Moringa Outreach Action and receive guidance from Mariko.

      Quizzes are required for those seeking Certification.


        Who should attend?

        Anyone working with Moringa who wants to produce the best quality premium Moringa.

        Anyone working in agriculture who wants to start growing Moringa.

        Anyone who promotes Moringa and needs to know as much as you can to answer the thousands of questions people have.

        Anyone wishing to assist others with their Moringa projects.

        Anyone who feels the call to connect with Moringa and may not know why yet.



        Dates for Course: 

        May 1st, 2021 - May 29th, 2021





        Course Application

        Week 1

        History of Moringa, Nutrition and Traditional Uses, Plant Morphology

        Worksheet, Quiz 

        Week 2

        Intro to Soil Biology, Permaculture, Composting and Vermiculture

        Worksheet, Quiz

        Week 3

        Cultivation, Harvesting, Bee Awareness and Legal Language

        Worksheet, Quiz

        Week 4

        Course Completion, Final Assessment and Presentations

        Final Presentations and Exam (Multiple Attempts)



        Stay tuned for details and dates for the Moringa For Life Certified Growers course coming online soon!