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Moringa Grower & Educator Courses

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Course Descriptions

Over the last 23 years, Mariko has worked out the problem issues of growing Moringa, to produce premium grade Moringa, creating The Moringa Protocol. This Moringa Protocol is necessary around the world to ensure that all producers of Moringa understand the specific requirements at all stages of farm production that need to be implemented for the outcome of high grade, pathogen and mold free Moringa.

Of utmost importance is the work to create the soil quality. As Mariko has said hundreds of times, “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the Moringa”.  This is one of the most important points in growing any food plant.  Each plant has the uptake from the soil that it is capable of.  However, if the specific nutrients are not found in the soil, there is no uptake and subsequently, that nutrient is not in the end food product. So to maximize the vitamin potential of Moringa, one must start with the soil.

Soil alone does not create a whole Ecosystem.  Understanding and creating the bigger picture is also essential.  Permaculture – Permanent agriculture, is also a part of the essential whole.

We are  supporters of Restorative farming.  We must look for how we can Repair and Restore our rivers, prairies, wetlands, forests, and planet Earth to the pristine condition that is the birthright of every living thing here.

Moringa is one plant that offers healing in so many of these areas.  It has the potential to repair and restore much of what has been damaged in our soil, water and living beings of all types.  I want to draw those together who are interested in this mission and create through our common creative work to make this world a garden as it once was.


Moringa For Life Educational Programs

Moringa For Life Ambassadors, Growers and Educators complete the same Online Course. All students who complete the course are awarded the Ambassadors Certificate.  Growers and Educators go on to complete the requirements for their specific certificates. 

Within this course there are three different track options for certification which you will find described below.  Ambassador, Grower, and Educator.  It is all one course, but with slight variations depending on your intention.


Moringa For Life Ambassador

Our Ambassadors are from every walk of life and every community around the world.  They seek out opportunities to raise awareness and access to Moringa Education and Awareness so individuals, families, communities, cities, and countries can improve their own levels of nutrition, health, and vitality, as well as food sovereignty, security, and serenity. This program covers everything you need to know to represent Moringa in the world of those seeking health and nutritional benefits from this powerful plant. The condition of the world at large demonstrates the need to identify those who are serious and devoted to the shift toward restoring and healing our world.  Moringa is the solution for so many of our challenges: health of ourselves, families, communities, countries and world.  

Requirements for Certification: 

  • Complete the Moringa For Life Growers and Educators Online Course,  
  • Demonstration of one's own commitment to this worldwide movement is expressed in the Moringa Outreach Action. 
  • Complete Course Evaluation

Moringa For Life Grower and Educator

Course Costs:

The Growers and Educators Course cost is $1,800.00 due upon registration.  

Grower or Educator Certification: $200.00 due once certification requirements are met.

Annual Recertification: $100.00

Moringa For Life Growers 

Moringa For Life Growers are the backbone of the World Wide Moringa Movement.  Their access to land and resources enables them to dedicate their growing efforts to cultivating Moringa using The Moringa Protocol. They are local farmers who commit to their communities to feed and heal their people.  Once they are fully nourished and empowered, they look to outer communities and the world at large as further resources to receive the bounty of their work bringing those resources back into their lands and people. 

Great care and intention will be to create a ripple effect out from their farms and be a role model for other local farmers to join in and create opportunities for collaboration and cooperatives.  Moringa For Life Growers implement practices of soil restoration which begins with every farm, large or small ridding the towns, villages, cities and countries of the toxicity that endangers life at every level beginning with the soil, the very thing that feeds every living being on earth.

Requirements for Certification: 

  • Complete the Moringa For Life Growers and Educators Certification Program, All participants are awarded the Ambassador Certificate upon completion  
  • Follow The Moringa Protocol to  create the highest quality Moringa possible in their region. 
  • Produce Moringa samples that are then tested in  a US Microbiology laboratory.  
  • Complete Course Evaluation

Once the Lab test shows that The Moringa is pathogen and mold free and exhibits the characteristic color, smell and taste, The final certification is awarded.

Moringa For Life Educator

Moringa For Life  Educators have a full working knowledge of all aspects of growing Moringa with The Moringa Protocol for the highest level of nutritional values.  They are inspired to reach out into their own communities or to any level of administration up to the Ministry of Health around the world.  They seek out and create collaboration with existing organizations and individuals to solve and resolve the lack of information or access to education about Moringa that can be the basis of new or existing nutrition programs.  They are focused on bringing this awareness to decision makers to enable Moringa projects to be the basis and/or part of a wide range of projects and outreach for fundamental and permanent change across all communities across the world.  They can work independently to create Moringa Presentations and Educational opportunities or they can work within Moringa For Life’s Educational system as our programs require additional Moringa Educators. They are Subject Matter Experts for the World Wide Moringa Movement. 

Requirements for Certification: 

  • Complete  the Moringa For Life Growers and Educators Online Course  All participants are awarded the Ambassador Certificate upon completion 
  • Complete Course Evaluation
  • Conduct 3 Presentations of  the Moringa PowerPoint from Week 1 of the Moringa Growers and Educators Course adding their own research and slides to demonstrate knowledge of subject areas of personal interest or local application. 

Once the presentations are completed and verified, the Moringa For Life Educators Certificate is awarded. 

Moringa Peace Workers

Moringa Peace Workers join Moringa  farmers in their Moringa work who are as well educated in The Moringa Protocol. This is intended for young farmers who need the experience of working on Moringa Farms but do not have their own farm.  Or young Farmers or Educators who want to teach people about Growing Moringa or provide Moringa Awareness.  They work side by side with Moringa Growers and/or Moringa Educators.

Requirements for Certification: 

  • Complete The Moringa For Life Growers and Educators Online Certification Course. 
  • Complete Course Evaluation
  • Travel to remote areas to help set  up and or work on Moringa Farms, Work on Moringa Certified Growers’ Moringa projects, Work in inner-city areas to set up Urban Gardens, Assist a Certified Educator with their Educational Moringa Program.

Once they have completed any combination of two projects, the Moringa Peace Worker Certificate is awarded.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The Moringa Protocol - In Depth
  • Moringa Morphology
  • History and Uses
  • Permaculture Principles - Layout your location with Zones and
  • Biological Composting and Vermiculture - Build Systems
  • Soil Building and pest/pathogen management 
  • Harvesting/Drying Moringa - Small and Large Scale
  • Nursery Development
  • Field Management - Layout Moringa - Small and Large Scale
  • Lab testing results - Understand Lab Results - Certificate of Analysis
  • Product Development – Value added Products for your market
  • Moringa Market - Understanding and Access
  • FDA Labeling - Language according to their countries’ Food and Drug Regulatory Agency disclaimer and regulations, labeling and language limitations 
  • Confidence in representing Moringa, to their family and local community. 
  • Students will conduct a Moringa Outreach Action in their chosen fields of interest.

Students will have a working knowledge of:

  • The Moringa Protocol
  • Permaculture
  • Soil biology
  • Composting/Vermiculture
  • Moringa Production

Moringa Course Trainer 

Moringa Trainers have extensive training and experience in all facets of Moringa production following all the Moringa For Life Principles and the Moringa Protocol for the highest nutritional levels originating from the deepest levels of soil regeneration.  They can communicate clearly and effectively so students understand and can implement the principles learned.   They can independently  organize, conduct and support Moringa For Life Certification Courses anywhere in the world, particularly in their own native countries.  They have access or can create resources needed to conduct Moringa For Life Certification courses including facilities, materials, farms, farmers, personnel and funds for successful completion of the Moringa For Life Certification Courses.  They have skills in all areas of the subject matter as well as marketing and managing, administration of courses with full follow through, follow up and support of graduates with their home projects. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have mastery level understanding of the following areas:


  • Complete The Moringa For Life Growers and Educators Certification.  
  • Complete Course Evaluation
  • Apprentice conducting 3 The Moringa For Life Growers and Educators trainings.
  • Have training and/or experience in two of the following: Permaculture, Soil Science, Intentional Communities, Work in Rural/Farm, Restorative agriculture, or the like.  
  • Be certified as a Moringa For Life Ambassador, Grower and 
  • Demonstrate wide scale expertise in growing Moringa.