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“Our united, and individual, focus is on providing clean water. This key element allows us to move to other issues of health and nutrition, medicine, and medical equipment and assistance, along with sanitation. Education, both vocational and academic, sustainable income generation, leadership development, as well as agricultural, technological and energy-related initiatives are also components of our programs.”


“The Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment is comprised of twelve Colorado registered non-profits that are scaling up based on their collective successful empowerment projects in nineteen African countries. CCAE was introduced in 2010 and we are all unpaid volunteers. The Coalition strives to empower impoverished sub-Saharan African families and orphaned children by creating holistic and sustainable projects that result in self-support through collaborative fund-raising and grant efforts.”

“We reach nearly 50,000 children in 79 schools. We have also helped thousands of African individuals become economically and socially self-sufficient.”

“The CCAE members, who simultaneously run their own non-profits, are talented passionate volunteers, who are leaders in their fields. Those fields represent journalism; marketing; theology; law; nursing; accounting and entrepreneurs; along with engineering; teaching; and IT.”