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Our Story

More than 20 years ago, I began looking for one plant that I could grow that would have the most amount of nutrition. I researched seed catalogs, botanical libraries, nutrition books, health books. When I came across the Moringa Tree, there was virtually no information about it. There were 4 websites with information about Moringa. I bought a few seed from a catalog and planted it in my greenhouse. A month later when I had time again to devote to my search, I found that plants had grown out of control. The thin trees had grown up and around the top curve of the greenhouse and had come all the way back down to the ground. I was amazed how fast they had grown. The color of green was so vibrant and lush. I fell in love with that color and the beautiful graceful leaf pattern. From then on, I have been growing Moringa and making products out of the various parts of the tree.

I took my plants and products to my local Farmer’s Market. There I began the journey to really learn about this plant. Customers began reporting so many health benefits. In time I began to know so many people who had overcome a wider and wider variety of ailments using the Moringa products. I have witnessed such a large growth in this industry in the past 5 years.