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A Message Regarding COVID-19

Hello Moringa Family! We hope this message finds you well. Surely you have been saturated with information of all sorts by this point. We just want to send a warm reminder that Moringa is here as a powerful ally and support for you.

Moringa for Life would like to inform our customers that we will continue to offer our products for as long as our resources and government allows. Because we are a small business we are affected by the closure of businesses whose resources and services we utilize to make our products. With this in mind, we ask that you be patient with any shifts in the appearance of our labels and availability of our products that may occur during this time. You can expect to receive the same premium quality moringa products we have provided for the past 22 years.

We will continue to monitor developments in connection with COVID-19 and will follow the guidance provided by the CDC and other governmental authorities. We remain as always committed to our customers and the people and communities we serve. 

Remember that anxiety and stress weaken our immune systems. Ensure you are finding the balance between staying informed and taking a break from it all. Please take time each day to be still and find peace, amongst the seeming chaos and know that this peace is always there for you. Surely some of the best medicine for us these days. Thank you for being our valued customer and supporting our small family business. Sending our wishes of health and wellness to everyone during these challenging times. 

Love and Peace, 
Mariko, Lindsey and Makenzie