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One hundred percent Moringa Leaf Powder Capsules with Vegetable Cellulose

Moringa Energy Capsules

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150 capsules per bottle

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Moringa capsules contains 100% Pure Moringa Leaf Powder. Each bottle contains 150 capsules in easy to swallow vegetable capsule.  

This product is intended for those who will not take Moringa any other way.  It is also good for travel so you won’t be without your Moringa.  A great way to add Moringa to your daily regime to improve your nutritional intake.


Because we have been growing Moringa and making Moringa products longer than anyone else in the industry, we have the experience to make the very best Moringa Leaf Powder. All those years of trial and error has paid off. Over the years, many new Moringa producers have sent me their Moringa Leaf Powder in the hopes that I would buy from them. If the sample passed my initial tests of color, and smell, I would send it to my laboratory for testing. The tests include: Standard Plate count, Coliforms, E-Col i, Salmonella, Fungus and Mold. Almost all did not pass.
I have seen many kinds of tricks and unethical business practices.

I was a certified Organic Inspector before the USDA lowered the Organic Standard. My work has always been to build the soil. Organic practices are not enough. The life of the soil gives us the micro nutrients needed to produce the highest quality soil and thus the highest quality food, real food. I have said so many times, “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food”. That’s why I have always focused on soil quality and soil life. We use the highest quality soil produced by a very dedicated worm farmer. I specify the percentage of worm castings to be added. I order this soil mix every year. To see his products, go to (redwormproducts.com). I have been to the farm and have seen first hand the total production. We then add perlite to this mix to get the right amount of soil drainage (Aztec Perlite). Moringa needs well draining soil.

The Moringa plant needs specific conditions for optimal uptake of soil nutrients. We also produce our own hot compost following the world renowned soil scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham. Under her guidance, we have found the best way to produce the highest quality of soil, thereby ensuring the highest level of nutrient uptake Moringa is capable of. In our own lab, we look at the micro organism population of our own compost and compost tea. We can make any adjustments we need to before adding our soil amendments. We look to see how Moringa grows in nature and match the soil population ratio. To learn more about this process, visit www.soilfoodweb.com.

The next most important process for producing the best Moringa Leaf Powder, is in the harvest and drying. We only harvest on very dry days so the moisture level of the air and the leaf is very low. By processing small batches at a time, and following specific methods for dealing with any potential pathogens or mold, our end product is pristine. The most important part of the drying process, is the length of time it takes to dry. We dry the Moringa Leaf in the same day its harvested. It should take only 6 -8 hours to dry. Any longer and mold will start to form and chlorophyll diminishes. We use heat sometimes if the room does not have its own level of heat from the outside temperature. The temperature never exceeds 120 degrees. In this way our Moringa Powder is still a raw food. Even though we have implemented all of these procedures that ensure the highest quality Moringa Leaf Powder, we still send our own Moringa to a lab for testing. Without all of these precautions and processes, our Moringa would not have the high level of benefits that it does.

October of 2014, I was skyping with a Moringa friend. His company was about to begin to produce a Moringa product. His company uses only ingredients from Africa, so he traveled the whole continent in search of Moringa. He also did a wide search of Moringa suppliers on the internet. In all, he had 15 dried leaf samples tested. Not one was found to be fit for human consumption. It was then that I realized I needed to teach others how to grow the best quality Moringa. We began that year to teach the Moringa Grower’s and Educators Certification Course. It was quite a challenge to take my 15 years of experience and condense it into 5 days of intensive training. In those 5 days, participants learn our methods. To find out about our course see the Moringa Education tab. Some participants have an existing Moringa project which we can work on and give solutions to the many challenges they encounter. We also have been able to link participants together, not only within each course, but across all courses. That has been one of the most rewarding parts of this work.