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  • May

    Moringa Root

    • In India, roots are used as a carminative (promotes gas expulsion from the alimentary canal, against intestinal pain or spasms) and as a laxative.
    • Roots are considered useful against intermittent fevers and are sometimes chewed to relieve cold symptoms.
  • May

    Moringa Gum

    • Gum, mixed with sesame oil, is used to relieve headaches. This is also poured into ears for the relief of earache.
    • In Java, gum is given for intestinal complaints.
    • In India, gum is used for dental caries.
    • Gum is considered to be diuretic.
  • May

    The Moringa Flower

    Moringa flowers are beautiful and slightly fragrant. They are very individual in their appearance with many variations. They grow in clusters and range in color from white to cream.