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  • Jun

    What Is Permaculture?

    Permaculture is both a method and a set of techniques to design sustainable and resilient human settlements. The idea is to use the assets of a site in a very efficient way in order to provide the inhabitants with most of their needs.
  • Jun

    Moringa Project for Tijuana, Mexico

    It is my goal to establish a neutral cooperation/coalition whereby Moringa workers can be fully trained in the necessary methods that produce clean Moringa of the highest quality.  Recognizing the wisdom of local traditional farming methods, I will seek this wisdom and employ low technology, low impact design with the highest adaptability between remote rural locations to the inner city, urban farm.  Rural area support will also include soil and water test kit development.  Currently availability water technology will be used.
  • May

    Moringa For Life Growers Certification

    We have created a program to certify those who wish to learn my methods. This Program is also for those who want to be Moringa Growers, Moringa Educators and Moringa Ambassadors.  While learning what is involved with growing Moringa, the curriculum also covers everything you need to know to represent Moringa to the world of those seeking health and nutritional benefits from this powerful plant.